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How to distinguish the quality of industrial talc

2020-03-26 10:47:42

Liaoning talc is a kind of additive, modifier filler. It is widely used in many chemical industries. It has an obvious strengthening effect in the modification of plastics rubbers. It can improve the tensile strength, impact properties resistance of plastic products. Creep, heat resistance, tear resistance, etc. It can also improve the appearance of the product, reduce the shrinkage of the product, increase the barrier effect, reduce the air permeability, increase the rigidity stiffness of the plastic product, has become an important modified material to improve the physical properties of plastic products. . The following is a small introduction to tell you how to distinguish the quality of talcum powder.

The higher the purity of talc, the better the enhancement effect. Other mineral impurities in talc metal minerals (especially iron) have a very significant effect on the aging resistance of plastics.

The wet whiteness hue of talc plastic make the color of the plastic more less changed. Dark plastic products do have too high requirements for the whiteness of talc added. However, in order to make the light-colored products have a better color, talc must have a higher wet whiteness a suitable hue.

The silicon content in talcum powder is an important indicator of talcum powder grade. Talc powder should be selected according to the performance requirements of different plastic products. For example, the silicon content of talc powder added to the film should be higher, the particle size should be small, the particle size distribution should be narrow. Sex other indicators have improved significantly. However, the silicon content in injection molding, sheet, rod does need to be too high. Talc powder with a lower silicon content has a lower price is rich in resources.

Fluidity In the extrusion process, talc is less fluid than other granular inorganic materials, difficult to disperse, has a large screw torque. Therefore, the use of a better activation aid is the key to overcoming the above problems.

Electrostatic talc has a layered structure with a large specific surface area. The irregular shape of the particles the convex concave shapes on the surface make it have a large coefficient of friction are prone to static electricity. It causes the aggregation of tiny particles is difficult to disperse.

The above is the method for distinguishing the quality of talcum powder. I hope the above method will be helpful to you. If you have any questions, please call us for consultation. We have special staff to answer your questions.



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