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How much is a talcum powder at a normal price

2020-03-26 10:29:46

The role of stone powder to protect the skin mucous membranes. Because talcum powder has small particles a large total area, ultrafine talc powder can absorb a large amount of chemical irritants poisons. Therefore, it can have a protective effect when spread on the surface of inflamed damaged tissues; In addition to protecting the inflamed gastrointestinal mucosa exerting antiemetic antidiarrheal effects, it can also prevent the absorption of poisons in the gastrointestinal tract. Talc is completely harmless. It can cause granulomas in the abdomen, rectum, vagina. Anshan Talc Powder

Antibacterial effect of talcum powder The plate method is used to make the culture medium contain 10% talc powder, which has an inhibitory effect on typhoid paratyphoid. Using a paper rule, it has only a mild antibacterial effect on meningococcus.

The jet mills used in industry include disc-type jet mills, fluidized bed-to-jet jet mills, circulating tube jet mills.

The high-speed mechanical impact superfine crushing process of talc is as follows:

Talc blocks-crushing (hammer crusher)-high-speed mechanical impact superfine crusher-

Turbine Fine Grading Machine—Whirlwind Aggregate—Packaging

Generally, the talc block is crushed to 8mm then directly fed into a mechanical impact superfine pulverizer. The pulverized product is classified by a turbo-type fine classifier collected by a cyclone collector. The classified fine-grained product can be returned to the mill, it can be used alone as a product.

The centrifugal self-grinding rotary mill ultrafine grinding processes of talc are generally similar to the high-speed mechanical impact ultrafine grinding process.

Surface modification Talcum powder is widely used as a reinforcing filler for polymer-based composite materials such as polypropylene nylon. Surface modification of it can effectively improve the affinity between talc polymer the dispersion state of talc filler in the polymer matrix, thereby improving the physical mechanical properties of the composite.

The surface modifiers used for the surface modification of talc are mainly various surfactants, paraffin, titanate zirconium aluminate coupling agents, silane coupling agents, phosphate esters, the like.

Modification mainly adopts dry modification process. The modification machines mainly include continuous fluidized modification machines, continuous vortex powder surface modification machines (SLG type), high-speed heating mixing kneaders, etc.

The reason for calcination is that some talc ore contains more organic carbon. In order to develop utilize these black talc resources, calcination is a necessary processing technology. The calcination temperature is generally 600-1200 ° C. Within this temperature range, the higher the temperature, the higher the whiteness of the talc after calcination, the higher the calcined whiteness can be above 90%. At present, most of the calcining equipment use shuttle kiln, tunnel kiln rotary kiln.



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