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Developing efficient environmentally friendly refractory materials Haicheng talcum powder procurement to promote the transformation transformation of the cement industry

2020-03-26 10:33:16

With the vigorous development of the cement industry in recent years, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. To be invincible in the fierce competition, energy conservation emission reduction must be achieved, costs must be strictly controlled. As one of the basic materials necessary for cement production, Haicheng Talc Refractories plays a pivotal role in the normal operation of the production line, it also has a great impact on the energy conservation emission reduction of cement enterprises. On the one hand, refractory materials directly affect the operation of the kiln. By optimizing the quality configuration of the refractory materials extending their service life, the operating rate of the cement production line can be greatly increased, the production costs of cement enterprises can be reduced, value can be created for them. On the other hand, the optimization of the quality of refractory materials is also conducive to increasing the clinker output of the production line. In addition, the quality optimization life extension of refractory materials can also effectively reduce the cost of refractories in cement plants.

Although refractory materials have an important impact on the production development of the cement industry, there are still some problems that restrict the further development of refractory materials in China. For example, there are many ordinary products, few high-quality long-life energy-saving products, high consumption of refractory materials; many small businesses have high energy consumption, poor environmental protection facilities labor conditions, serious pollution. In response to these problems in the refractory industry, the development of high-quality, energy-saving, long-life, green refractories has become a breakthrough point.

At a time when energy conservation environmental protection have become a social topic, the special high temperature environment of the cement production process the coordinated disposal of waste have become a unique competitive advantage for the new dry process cement industry to develop into a green environmentally friendly industry. Refractories also play an important role in promoting the co-processing of waste in cement kilns. Through the upgraded materials optimized lining installation, the refractory company fully adapts to the operation of cooperating with the cement kiln for waste disposal, can meet the technical requirements for chemical erosion of the lining by alkali, sulfur, chlorine other compounds, successfully guarantee the safe stable operation of the kiln system.

The current refractory industry products are mainly concentrated in low-end products, in fact, high-performance refractories have more use development potential. High-performance refractories can greatly reduce heat loss. Under the conditions of working conditions, based on the existing materials, the introduction of mesoporous technology can reduce the heat dissipation loss of the cylinder. In addition, high-performance refractories can improve the quality of clinker use mixed materials. The improvement of the quality of refractory materials can increase the production quality of clinker on the production line, thereby broadening the space for the use of mixed materials. By increasing the amount of mixed materials, the mixing rate of clinker mill cement can be effectively reduced. On the one hand, industrial waste residue is consumed, on the other hand, cement clinker is saved. This saves nearly one million tons of standard coal annually reduces millions of tons of CO2 emissions. In addition, it also reduces the cost of cement production, which is conducive to improving the economic efficiency sustainable development of the cement industry.



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