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Understanding of industrial talc

2020-03-26 10:36:47

Anshan talc powder will use the talc mined (the raw material of talc powder) to the good talc directly crush it with Raymond mill other high-pressure mill. After packing in woven bags (50kg 25kg woven bags), the finished product sell. In terms of mining methods, due to the extreme instability of the ore the instability of the surrounding rocks, the ore body is mostly inclined steeply inclined thick extra-thick ore bodies. There are many. In the past, horizontal stratified beneficiation filling mining method was used (some mines still use this method).

Uses: used in rubber, plastic, paint, other chemical industries as a strengthening modifying filler. Features: Increase the stability of product shape, increase tensile strength, shear strength, flexural strength, compressive strength, reduce deformation, elongation, thermal expansion coefficient, high whiteness, strong uniformity of particle size.

Specific strength is an important indicator for measuring the light weight high strength of materials. It can be seen Fig. 2 that compared with pure PP material, the specific tensile strength of the 5% talc powder unfoamed PP material decreases, the specific bending strength increases, the specific impact strength is basically unchanged. The mass fraction is further increased, the specific tensile strength, specific bending strength, specific impact strength of the material are all reduced.

Compared with pure PP material, the 5% talc powder PP material foamed, the specific tensile strength specific bending strength increased, the specific impact strength decreased slightly; continue to increase the talc powder mass fraction, foamed material The specific tensile strength, specific bending strength, specific impact strength are all reduced. For the same material, the specific strength of the foamed material is lower than that of the unfoamed material.

According to the analysis of the specific strength of the material, after the material is foamed, the specific strength of the PP material with a talc powder content of 5% is high, the mass fraction of the talc powder is continuously increased, but the specific strength of the material is reduced. Therefore, a small amount of talc powder filling is beneficial to improve the mechanical properties of the PP material after foaming.

The main component of talc is talc containing magnesium silicate with a molecular formula of Mg3 [Si4O10] (OH) 2. Talc is a monoclinic system. The crystals are pseudo-hexagonal diamond-shaped flakes, occasionally. It usually forms dense aggregates, leaf-like, radial, fibrous aggregates. It is colorless transparent white, but appears light green, light yellow, light brown, even light red due to a small amount of impurities; the cleavage surface is pearl luster. Hardness 1, specific gravity 2.7 to 2.8.

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