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How does Liaoning talc powder sell in life?

2019-11-22 11:39:57

There are many opportunities for contact in daily life, so do we really understand the effect function of talcum powder? Liaoning talc has different roles in different industries

In terms of medicine

1. Maintenance of skin mucosal talc powder Although the particles are small, the total area is large can absorb many chemical irritants toxic substances. It can also be taken internally to maintain the inflamed gastrointestinal mucosa exert antiemetic antidiarrheal effects, as well as prevent the absorption of toxic substances in the gastrointestinal tract.

2. Antibacterial effect The plate method is used to make the culture medium contain 10% talc powder, which has an inhibitory effect on typhoid paratyphoid. Using a paper rule only has a mild antibacterial effect on meningococcus. Mainly can cure heat, dampness, tricks. Treatment of heat thirst, unfavorable urination, watery diarrhea, fever, gonorrhea, jaundice, edema, bleeding, athlete's foot, wet skin?

In terms of cosmetics:

1. Can be used as a cosmetic additive Because it contains a large amount of silicon, it can block ultraviolet rays increase the sun protection factor of cosmetics. It is generally added to sunscreens barrier creams

In the chemical industry

1. It can be used in agricultural mulching film used as a preservative. Because it contains a large amount of silicon, it can block ultraviolet rays. Adding this talc powder to the agricultural awning can improve the plastic film's resistance to ultraviolet infrared rays, reduce the heat loss the greenhouse to the outside, improve the thermal insulation of the greenhouse.



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