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Application Characteristics of Haicheng Talc Powder Manufacturers in Different Coatings

2020-03-26 10:48:47

Some of the inherent physical chemical properties of Haicheng talc powder, the application of ultra-fine talc powder in different coatings the characteristics of coating film are described. Through the reasonable combination of ultrafine talc powder other fillers, the selection of raw materials the use of a certain process flow, different coating varieties with specific coating film properties good cost performance were prepared.

With the advent of some synthetic resins, the gloss, fullness, adhesion durability of their coatings have greatly improved. In addition to pigments that provide hiding power, paints such as talcum powder heavy calcium are also used in the paint. These extender pigments can only eliminate the excessive gloss of the coating film, but also reduce the cost, improve the fillability of the coating film other physical mechanical properties.

There are many reports about the application of talc in different coatings. Starting some of the physical chemical properties of talc, the application of ultrafine talc in different coatings is described for reference.

The application of talc, the application of ultra-fine talc in solvent-based wood coatings The ultra-fine talc is mainly used in solvent-based wood coatings in PU transparent primer PU solid color topcoat.

The application of talc in industrial coatings, talc is widely used in industrial coatings, mainly used to reduce costs improve the filling performance of primers. Experiments have found that talc has special effects in certain occasions, especially on some difficult-to-attach substrates, such as polished aluminum, stainless steel other smooth, difficult-to-attach surfaces, which can improve the adhesion solvent resistance of coatings.

The application of talc in water-based coatings. Ultra-fine talc is used in water-based latex coatings. It can give paints good brushability, leveling gloss retention. At the same time, it can effectively improve the corrosion resistance dryness of the coating. The following description uses white matte exterior wall paint as an example.

The application of talc in silicone high-temperature-resistant coatings, because the talc powder in a sheet structure can increase the flexural rigidity of high-temperature-resistant coatings at high temperatures, thereby improving the adhesion of high-temperature-resistant coatings at high temperatures; The functional groups of the powder the silicone resin will chemically react under high temperature conditions to form a silicon-oxygen bond with a certain adhesion protection.

The application of talc powder, the application of ultra-fine talc in solvent-based wood coatings. The ultra-fine talc is mainly used in solvent-based wood coatings. PU coatings can continue to bear a certain heat load under high temperature conditions. Matching thermal expansion coefficient, thus maintaining the structural stability of the coating.

As a physical pigment with certain functions, talc is cheap rich in sources. It is widely used in many coating varieties, but we must be familiar with the various physical chemical properties of talc.



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