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What is the relationship between talcum powder water treatment

2020-03-26 10:45:45

Through the previous introduction, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the performance of ultrafine talc powder other talc powder products. Anshan talc powder plays a vital role in the production modification of products in different industries, it improves the performance of the product. It has different effects on the enhancement of characteristics. So, do you know that ultrafine talc can also improve the performance of water quality? Let's take a look at the editors to learn about the outstanding performance of ultrafine talc in water treatment projects.

1.Treat oily wastewater

Oily wastewater mainly comes the cooling lubricating fluids of the petroleum industry, iron steel, gas stations, machinery industries. The covering of the oil surface in the wastewater makes the water body lose its self-purification ability disrupts the ecological balance in the water. The talc powder has a significant degreasing effect on the aerated cyclone, the degreasing rate is increased by about 5% compared with that without adding talc powder. Talc is a natural hydrophobic lipophilic mineral, which can promote the separation of hydrophobic lipophilic particles in oil water. Therefore, talc can be used as an oil absorbent to treat oily wastewater.

2. Treatment of aromatic organic wastewater

With the development of petrochemical, plastics other industries, more more wastewater containing aromatic compounds such as benzene, toluene, phenols is being discharged factories. The pollutants of this type of wastewater are stable in structure difficult to degrade. Under good conditions such as particle size, quantity, action time of talc powder, it can effectively purify phenols in sewage. The adsorption of modified talc makes the biocatalyst free pollution, prolongs the catalytic action, removes An effective way to contain phenolic pollutants in water. Talc powder can be used to treat aromatic organic wastewater, mainly because its surface silicon structure is hydrophobic, which makes it easy to neutrally adsorb with non-polar organic molecules (such as benzene). Coupling agent high-energy ultrasonically modified talc powder can enhance its surface activity, improve its hydrophobic properties, effectively adsorb organic molecular pollutants.

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