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3 ways to quickly identify which talcum powder is good

2020-03-26 10:44:39

In recent years, the scope of use of Anshan talcum powder has become increasingly widespread, so related manufacturers have also begun to increase, as a result, fake shoddy products have gradually increased, so today Xiaobian classmates will tell you 3 methods to quickly identify fine talc powder.

Fine talcum powder can be dissolved in the soluble matter, take 5g talc powder add 30ml water, boil for 30min, replenish the lost moisture at any time, let cool, filter residue add 5ml water to wash wash liquid filtrate, combine to evaporate, Dry at ℃ for 1h, the residue should exceed 5mg; soluble matter in the acid: take 1g of talc, add 20ml of dilute hydrochloric acid, soak at 50 ℃ for 15min, filter take 10ml of filtrate, add 1ml of dilute sulfuric acid, evaporate to dryness, scorch until Constant weight, the residual residue should exceed 7.5mg.

Fine talc powder in iron salt, take 10g of talc powder, add 30ml of water, heat boil for 30min, add evaporated water at any time, let it cool filter, add dilute hydrochloric acid potassium ferrocyanide test solution 1ml, blue; soluble in acid: take 1g talc powder, add 20ml dilute hydrochloric acid, soak at 50 ℃ for 15min, filter take 10ml filtrate, add 1ml dilute sulfuric acid, evaporate to dryness, burn to constant weight The residual residue shall exceed 7.5mg.

Use pH: take 10g of talc powder, add 50ml of water, boil for 30min, mainly to replenish the lost water in time, filter add litmus paper to the filtrate, at this time it shows a neutral reaction.

Summarizing the three methods of identifying fine talcum powder mentioned above, do you remember? If you are interested in our products have any questions, you can leave a message contact us directly, we will contact you in time after receiving your information.



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