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How to resolve the problem of overcapacity in the domestic refractory talc powder industry

2020-03-26 10:43:59

To resolve the excess capacity, theoretically one is to "swell" the other is to expand market demand. With the current shrinking refractory market, it is impossible for Anshan Talc to expand market demand. In the steadily shrinking market, Haicheng talc powder, in order to survive fight for the price of users to compete for users, disorderly competition. Therefore, we can only work on "swelling", "swelling" can only take the market to eliminate backward production capacity. Accelerate the transformation upgrading of enterprises promote the elimination of the market through support strength. Then, how does the refractory industry break away the "overcapacity" cage, focusing on rectification in transformation upgrading, environmental protection governance, resource control, etc. The following four aspects are both an analysis of the current development status of the refractory industry a refractory industry Corrective measures.

I. Talcum powder refractories enterprises must transform upgrade to energy saving, environmental protection, quality cost reduction, automated production

The current problems of refractory companies are: serious pollution, endangering people's livelihood; high energy consumption, waste of resources; high labor intensity, difficult to recruit workers; thin product sales profit; The transformation upgrade must be environmentally friendly zero emissions; the product is non-polluting; the service life is long; the production equipment is automated. Provincial people, electricity, maintenance costs, safety production reduce production costs enhance product competitiveness. In the fierce competition of the implementation of the new environmental protection law severe overcapacity, there is no way out for the development of zero environmental protection, automatic production equipment, quality cost reduction. This is a revolution in the development of refractory industrial production to fully enclosed automated production processes. Occupy the market through transformation upgrading, energy saving, environmental protection, quality improvement cost reduction, promote the market to eliminate backward production capacity.

Second, talc powder manufacturers refractories enterprises must be transformed upgraded suppliers to service providers

Science technology are constantly innovating developing, management is also constantly innovating improving. Product after-sales service determines the development of the product market. With the major users of steel companies implementing overall refractory contracting settlement based on steel output, refractory companies have been pushed to the position of service providers. Service quality determines the economic benefits of both supply demand, determines the survival of refractory production enterprises.

Third, the talc powder manufacturers' refractories enterprise layout must be combined, merged reorganized to build a large enterprise group to transform upgrade

At present, there are many, small, scattered enterprises, which exacerbates the disorderly fierce competition of overcapacity, lacks the right to speak in the enterprise market. It is necessary to guide coordinate the merger acquisition of powerful enterprises to form large enterprise groups, occupy the right to speak in the market, influence the market situation, promote the healthy development of the industry.



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