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The role of Haicheng talc suppliers in plastics

2020-03-26 10:50:30

Haicheng talc is an important inorganic material for plastic modification. At present, it has been widely used in polypropylene modification at home abroad. It is mainly used to produce automobile parts, front rear bumpers, dashboard panels, interior decorative panels, etc .; In the home appliance industry, such as washing machine parts, air-conditioning parts, TV rear shells, electric heater shells various household appliances shells.

Talc is inexpensive is suitable as an extender. At the same time, the high flaky configuration aspect ratio (ratio of the average diameter of particles to its thickness) of talc makes it suitable as a reinforcing agent (improving the mechanical properties of the composite). Commercial talc for plastics is a finely pulverized product in a flake configuration.

Talc powder is widely used in plastics, its characteristics are as follows:

① Particle size shape Most talc products used as fillers are very fine. The crystal shape of talc can be flaky (layered), leafy (broad-leaved), needle-shaped, massive. Most of the talc particles produced in China have a flake structure. The ratio of the average diameter of flaky particles to their thickness is called the aspect ratio, it is an important index for measuring talc.

② Surface properties Talc shows different surface properties depending on its source. Product fineness affects specific surface area oil absorption. Other factors affecting these properties are surface roughness, particle shape, pore volume. In general, talc has a large specific surface area due to its flaky configuration.

③ Electrical