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The usefulness of talc production in life

2020-03-26 10:46:37

Ultrafine talc is a silicate mineral that can be used as a whitening pigment to improve the gloss of the product. It is widely used in lubricants, coatings, rubber, building materials, ceramics other industries. In fact, super fine talcum powder also has many wonderful uses in life. The following is a detailed introduction for everyone. Liaoning Talc Powder

1. The needles, knives, tweezers, etc. we often use in life are susceptible to moisture rust, which affects our normal use. When storing these items, we can put talcum powder in the small carton to keep them in the powder. save.

2. For some rubber film products, in normal storage, you can rub a layer of talc to avoid mildew deterioration.


3. In the raincoat used in life, we will have adhesions when we collect, which affects normal use. When saving, we can put the newspaper in it, then sprinkle a layer of talcum powder fold it for storage.

4. Sometimes when we walk on the floor, the floor will rattle. At this time, we can sprinkle talcum powder in the cracks, so that the floor does ring.

5. You can use talcum powder to clean the fur. The specific method is to sprinkle dry talcum powder on the fur knead it. Then add the talc powder to water to make a paste rub the fur. After drying, shake the white powder.

6. The seal of the car door will stick to the paint surface due to humidity, which will cause the door to open smoothly. To solve this problem, we can sprinkle talcum powder on the rubber seal.

7. After the oil is stained on the silk clothes, we can make the talc powder into a paste apply it to the oil stains. After waiting for a while, remove the dried talc powder paste iron the clothes with an iron can.

The above is the usefulness of the super fine talc powder introduced to you in life. I hope the above content can be helpful to everyone, thank you for reading. If you happen to be in need of super fine talc, please feel free to contact us.



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