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Constantly improving product competitiveness can increase sales of Anshan Talc powder manufacturers

2020-03-26 10:41:05

Constantly improving product competitiveness can improve Anshan talc

In recent years, people's use of paper is tens of times, even hundreds of times. The world is peaceful, life is stable, there are more people studying, the economy is developing. People use paper more than ever. There are many kinds of materials needed to produce paper. Talc powder manufacturers are one of them. Talc powder is used for learning paper, printing paper, packaging paper, etc. The more paper produced, the more talc powder manufacturers need. The more.

For manufacturers to do a good job of talc in Kaifeng, they need to understand the local market situation development potential, which will help them develop their business there.

In recent years, Kaifeng's agricultural industrialization process has been accelerating, new breeds of agricultural operators have been actively cultivated. Farmer cooperatives have grown to 6,620, family farms have reached 490, a total of 1.409 million mu of land has been transferred. Agricultural mechanization rate reached 81%.

In 2014, Kaifeng's industrial enterprises above designated size reached 1,293, an increase of 39; the added value of industries above designated size reached 51.97 billion yuan, an increase of 13.7%.

Strongly promoted the construction of industrial projects, 134 key industrial projects completed investment of 41.8 billion yuan, an increase of 21.3%, 60 industrial projects were completed put into production. The development of industrial agglomeration areas was accelerated. The investment in fixed assets in eight industrial agglomeration areas was 72.94 billion yuan, an increase of 19%, of which infrastructure investment was 11.91 billion yuan, an increase of 15.8%.

In 2014, diversified financing was 7.03 billion yuan, infrastructure investment was 2.74 billion yuan. Efforts were made to cultivate leading industries, with 36 newly introduced projects worth over 100 million yuan. A number of major projects were successfully settled, a number of leading industry projects were rapidly advanced.

Continuously improve the city's infrastructure, start the "three-through" project in the urban area the development transformation of the surrounding areas of the railway station; implement the planning upgrading, the construction of ten major counties such as the production development of counties, the appearance of the county the central town has changed significantly. Strengthen the construction of rural infrastructure, newly rebuild 282 kilometers of rural roads, renovate 12,000 rural dilapidated houses, solve the problem of safe drinking water for 334,000 rural residents, teachers students in schools, further improve rural production living conditions.



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