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2020-03-31 09:25:03
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Among igneous rocks, chlorite is mostly the alteration product of pyroxene, amphibole, biotite other alterations. Iron-rich chlorite is mainly produced in sedimentary iron ore. The oolitic spar formed marine sediments can meet the industrial utilization index can be used for iron ore mining. There are as many as ten types of chlorite. Chlorite containing chromium ions is called chrome chlorite. It is purple in color can be used as crafts decorations. Chlorite is very similar to mica, but the former is characteristically green, flexible inelastic. Liaoning Talc Powder

Chlorite raw rock is mainly produced in the deep mountains of the upper Dadu River. It is a river pebble formed by green basalt. It has a hardness of about 2-2.5, tender green to dark green, is granular, plate-like, block-shaped. It is most likely to form various forms due to the development of rock encapsulation.

The texture of chlorite is fine smooth, the color is oil-green, it is very elegant. It can be divided into type stone, picture stone (ink painting stone), grape stone, plum stone, glazed stone (colored pottery stone) so on. Modeling stones are easier to form, such as Luohan, figures, heads, various animals. They are generally round beautiful, with light green, yellow green, dark green colors. The combination of patterns patterns resembles heavenly sculptures, the stone surface has a natural coating. , With unique characteristics of Yangtze River stones, with different shapes styles; the distribution of grains on the surface of grape stones is like grapes, the stone type is mostly fruit-shaped. The stone body is covered with white, yellow, light green raised patterns, similar to grapes. It ’s ripe for people to enjoy the taste. There is also a rare plum stone, which is formed by small grains with round grains protruding, occasionally has strip-shaped branches, resembling green plum blossoms, luxurious elegant, beautiful; green clay ink stone stone surface The texture pattern has the charm of traditional Chinese ink painting, the stone style of ink painting is elegant, the black lines resemble a sketch pen drawing.




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