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Filled masterbatch

2020-03-31 09:22:11
Filled masterbatch
Detailed introduction:

In the plastic processing molding process, the pellets obtained by mixing the required auxiliary agents fillers with a small amount of carrier resin are composed of three parts: the carrier resin, fillers various auxiliary agents. The performance cost are mainly used. Depends on the carrier resin. Anshan Talc Powder

Filling masterbatch refers to the mixing kneading of various auxiliary agents, fillers a small amount of carrier resin required for the convenience of operation in the plastic processing molding process. The obtained pellets powders are called masterbatch.

The master batch is composed of a carrier resin, a filler various additives. The limit of the additive in the masterbatch the content of the filler is several to ten times higher than the actual amount required in the plastic product. During the molding process, the ratio of the masterbatch to the matrix resin must be adjusted according to the content of the relevant components in the masterbatch the amount needed to be added to the actual product. Masterbatches can generally be divided into ordinary filled masterbatches (referred to as filled masterbatches) functional masterbatches, such as color masterbatches anti-fog masterbatches. The main component of the filler masterbatch is the filler, which is mainly used for the processing of polyolefins (polyethylene polypropylene) is also called polyolefin filler masterbatch.

The polyolefin filler masterbatch is composed of a carrier resin, a filler various auxiliaries, of which the filler accounts for the main component, up to 90%. Polyolefin filler masterbatch is mainly used in the production of polyolefin plastics such as polyethylene polypropylene. Such as: polyethylene hollow blown products, polyethylene injection products polyethylene films, polypropylene woven bags, woven fabrics packing tapes. In general, when selecting raw auxiliary materials for olefin-filled masterbatches, it is necessary to consider their good performance low cost.


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